No 43

These past weeks I've been working on a new classical to show at the Uppsala Guitar Festival's instrument maker fair in October.

But this time around I was fortunate to have with me my good friend Stein-Ove Horten. He is a film maker who agreed to come to the shop and try to capture some of the madness on video.

So he has been here regularly for the past two weeks, documenting the whole process of building a classical guitar. We have put together over 10 hours of footage already, and there's still some more steps we need to capture. The goal is to produce a short piece that covers the guitar from the bits and pieces, to the strung instrument. It's been really fun, but the work-intensive process of clipping and putting together the final film is still ahead, so it will be a while until we can enjoy the results. I can't wait!

If this works out, we're planning on following up with the making of an electric guitar.