Lutherie courses for beginners
and advanced students


Welcome to the wonderful world of lutherie!

Are you interested in making your own guitar? Do you want to deepen your understanding of the instruments you play and how they are made, or want to learn how to service and repair them? I can teach you the necessary skills to design, build and set up a high quality  instrument, understand wood and its properties, and to properly use and service hand tools and machines.

Classes can last through a weekend, or for one or more weeks. Depending on your time and needs I will set up a course that delivers on your expectations and gives you the confidence and experience you need to continue your work at home. Accommodation near the shop can be arranged at affordable prices for students attending my classes.

Contact me for more information.

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During my two-week stay with Leonardo, he not only supplied a coherent explanation to every aspect of Lutherie, but also made my stay incredibly comfortable.
He talked me through the process of building an electric guitar step by step, allowing me to ask questions throughout without making me feel inferior. His teaching methods and skills are fantastic, and I would recommend him to anybody interested in learning the craft of guitar building.
He takes great pride in his work and that is something that I have taken from him and will never lose. It was a genuine honor to learn from someone so passionate and skilled in their trade.
Following my stay I returned to England to complete my own guitar, which would not have been nearly as achievable without Leonardo’s tutoring. He broke down the process, allowing me to take in each element slowly and clearly.
I cannot stress how inspiring and enjoyable my time was – and for that I owe him a lot!
— Thomas Armstrong, UK

After testing some of Leonardo’s guitars in early 2016, I was so impressed that I looked into the possibility of learning how to make something similar. I had previously built some instruments on my own in a random way and with much trial and error, so I wanted to learn in a more structured way.
Leonardo sat up a 5-day course adapting to my fulltime job schedule. During these days I prepared and laminated all the wood pieces for neck and body and from there I was guided through all the steps in the building process, all the way to finish and setup.
This has been an incredible experience! I have not only learned effective techniques and procedures to solve all kinds of building-related issues, but I have also gotten a more comprehensive insight in the whole process from start to finish. Leonardo is great at communicating and he takes the necessary time to explain and answer all possible questions. I can strongly recommend everyone wishing to learn the art of lutherie to contact him. The fact that he in addition is a nice guy is pure bonus. Thank you for an inspiring and insightful course!
— Audun Asbjørnsen, Norway