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My classical guitars are hand built using carefully selected materials. All plates and parts are joined, thicknessed and shaped by hand to ensure optimal control over the qualities of any given wood piece.

A critical aspect of building classical guitars has to do with finding the right balance between flexibility, lightness and strength. The top plate has to be light and flexible in order to respond to, magnify and project the string vibrations, but at the same time strong enough to withstand over 30 kilos of torsion at the bridge. A top too stiff or thick will not transfer sound appropriately; a top too light or thin will collapse under the pull of the strings. Every component is to be pushed to its maximum potential, so tolerances are ever so small.

I have used one of Leonardo’s cedar-top classical guitars for several years now. It has the qualities I look for in a guitar, such as volume, sustain, good balance between treble and bass strings, not to mention a well formed neck that makes it easy and enjoyable to play. My experience is also that Leonardo is able to make his guitars to suit the customer’s individual needs and wishes. I strongly recommend his guitars to both students and professional players alike.
— Sven Lundestad, Norway

The strength and flexibility of the top plate is enhanced by an array of braces and bars. Early on, I tried different bracing styles to shape the sound of my tops, but I quickly settled for one basic layout that I feel most comfortable working with, and that suits my approach to guitar making. At the same time I do often change things here and there to achieve particular results or to adapt to the inherent structural properties of a given top. I build and think of the sides as a very stiff rim that works in conjunction with the neck to absorb the pull from the strings, thus leaving the top and back to vibrate more freely.

I use several machines throughout the building process, mostly to roughly shape parts or to carry on with repetitive tasks. However, for most of the work in its crucial stages I rely solely on hand tools.  A plane, a set of chisels, a small saw and some scrapers are still my main tools and give me the control and speed I seek.

My guitars are characterized by a strong, clear and balanced voice. They sustain and project very well and are easy and comfortable to play.



The tops are made of Western red cedar or spruce. The necks are made of African mahogany with a sandwiched strip of ebony or rosewood for added strength. Back and sides are normally in Indian rosewood, but other rosewoods such as cocobolo or Honduras rosewood are also available.

The guitars come fitted with Rubner tuners and are finished with shellac and oils.

Please contact me for any questions and read more about prices, ordering and delivery estimates on my order page