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Leonardo Michelin-Salomon made the best guitar I have ever owned...or played. It is one of few items I own that I deeply cherish. The sound, the feel, the looks, the soul of the thing... it is the work of a master craftsman, so few and far between.
— Kreg Viesselman, USA/Norway


My classical guitars are hand built using carefully selected materials and quality craftmanship...


Design and construction

Both electric guitars and basses are designed and built for comfort and playability. My goal is to give my instruments the best possible acoustic characteristics while keeping a low and balanced weight and a natural and comfortable feel...



An electric guitar that suits your aesthetic and musical preferences, custom made to your exact specifications...



Choose the right model, wood types and hardware, and watch as your new bass comes to life...



Are you interested in making your own guitar or deepen your understanding of the instruments you play and of how they are made?
I can teach you the necessary skills...

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I am currently working as a Fellow at the Norwegian Crafts Institute, mainly studying guitars from the early 19th century. My progress is documented in Norwegian, and some of my activities are made public through a blog.

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about me

I've been building guitars for almost 20 years. My formal education began in 1997 at the School of Arts and Crafts in Montevideo, Uruguay, but the seed that led me in this path was planted long before that...