Design and materials




My electric guitars and basses are designed and built for comfort and playability. I have relied on my experience as a classical guitar maker to give my instruments the best possible acoustic characteristics while keeping a low and balanced weight and a natural and comfortable feel. The wood is selected and sawn at the shop to obtain optimal structural and visual results. Both necks and bodies are laminated with different wood types to achieve the desired balance of stiffness, resonance and weight.

Below you will find a comprehensive overview of my ever-growing portfolio of body designs, each with its own reference arrangement of pickups and hardware. But you can choose just the right kind of pickups and setup to suit you taste and needs. A wide spectrum of wood types are available, and I will guide you in the process of choosing the best woods for your guitar to sound, feel and look just the way you want it to.



My guitars are not only made and designed with the outermost care and quality craftmaship, but they are also built using only the best materials and components



Guitar necks are mostly made of a wenge/maple laminate with a spruce core. All necks are shaped to a compound asymmetrical profile that makes them very comfortable to play. I can build the neck to the width and thickness that suits your playing style best. Fingerboards are shaped to either constant or compund radii depending on your preference. 



Bodies are usually made by combining ash and African mahogany in different arrays. Other types of wood such as walnut are also available. For the tops there are plenty of options like wenge, figured maple, zebrawood or a vast variety of rosewoods. All guitars are oil finished and can be stained to a wide range of colors. The choice will ultimately be yours.



I use high quality tuners, bridges and blade switches from Schaller. Pickups can be selected from the Lollar, Nordstrand or Lace Music catalogues or custom made to your specs by Edmire pickups here in Norway. All guitars are equipped with Schaller locking strap buttons.


Make your dreams come true! Apart from the base models, I am always working on new designs and ideas that are just waiting to materialize. Please contact me to get a peek into more of my designs or if you want me to help you bring to life your own ideas.