Pricing and ordering



Prices quoted first include 25% VAT. Customers living outside of Norway will not be charged Norwegian VAT, but are subject to applicable taxes at the country of destination.

Links to conversion estimates for the most common currencies are provided below.



Prices for all classical guitars start at NOK 45000,-
(NOK 36000.- without VAT)

USD    GBP    EUR    SEK


Prices for all electric guitars start at NOK 27000.-
(NOK 21600.- without VAT)

USD    GBP    EUR    SEK


Prices for all basses start at NOK 29000.-
(NOK 23200.- without VAT)

USD    GBP    EUR    SEK



How to order

When you are ready to order, you can email me or fill out the contact form. We will discuss your playing style and preferences and decide which woods and components I will use for your new instrument.

You will receive a quote for the total price and information regarding the estimated delivery timeframe. When we reach an agreement, I will bill you an invoice for 50% of the total amount, and your order will then be placed on the production queue. The remaining amount will be billed to you upon delivery.

Drop me a line, and start planning your new guitar today!